Nsight 2 Success - Current and recent clients

We have worked with a wide range of clients including Fortune500 and FTSE100 global companies, through to small and medium sized organizations, non-profits and charities. In an increasingly connected world, many of our clients are truly multi-national and our significant experience of working across borders and cultures makes us a partner of choice.

Client Partnership

We work with a wide range of stakeholders within client organizations. Typically we will work in partnership with a senior HR lead but the nature of our work means we are also likely to work alongside the Chief Executive or Chairman – especially when working on a succession project. Our executive coaching work will see us working across the full spectrum of functions within an organization.

At all times we work in close collaboration with our clients, and usually on their premises. This helps us really connect with our clients and to understand the challenges and opportunities they experience in role.

Client Testimonials

Andra is a good sounding board for me. She brings a perspective which helps me see situations through a different lens. I trust her insight and expertise.
– Robert A. Eckert, Chairman, Mattel Inc.

Andra has worked side by side with our organization to help us with succession for several key C suite leaders. She listened to our needs, learned what was important and unique about our culture and helped design best practice succession processes that have led to three highly successful transitions including our General Counsel, CFO and CEO. Her intuition, poise, expertise and courage make her value proposition incredibly unique versus others we considered.
– Leslie H. Dixon, Chief Human Capital Officer, Robert W. Baird & Co.

Andra’s approach to team building helped us identify how we work best together as a team. It tactfully highlighted the issues we needed to deal with and enabled us to become even more high performing.
– Vice-President, Global Petroleum Company

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